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Washington's NHS


What NHS is all About
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"I am a junior at George Washington Highschool and a member of NHS. I feel very honored to be apart of NHS. As a member of the National Honor Society i felt NHS needed a website, students unaware of NHS could learn more about what it is about and how to join." -Helda Orozco
"I am honored that I am part of a society that is so well known. I am glad that I had the grades to be a part of it. I have had an enjoyable experience so far and I hope that it will continue." -Stephanie Lopez
"NHS teaches you the skills to be a leader, and at the same is very fun. I've met a lot of people and we do all kinds of activities for the school." -Diana Vazquez
"This society has been a lesson , of how to be part of a change in the way people communicate with one another and to be recognized as doing something good!"~ Jessica Campos
"NHS is a great program in which we can meet with our fellow peers to promote excellence within our community."- Bethany Pacheco

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